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The training courses presented by ITQA are the legacy of the late Bev Howard, which he developed and implemented while being employed at the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research), in 1976 when industry required an auditable system to ensure the quality and traceability of material and products manufactured.
The South African Standard SABS 0157 was published, and later the standard
became part of the international standard ISO 9000.
In late 1978 I joined Bev Howard, also being employed at the CSIR, at Applied
Electronics, NEERI (The National Electrical Engineering Research Institute), and then as Quality Manager at the Integrated Circuit Facility, a joint venture between CSIR and Plessey England.
The practical courses are designed to emphasise the importance of quality and the full understanding of Statistical Process Control in industry.
In 1990 when the CSIR was privatised, we resigned to continue as Industrial Training and Quality Assurance (Pty) Ltd (ITQA).
Both Practical Statistics for Industry I and Practical Statistics for Industry II serve the purpose of preparing our candidates for the international recognised external examinations available.
The City and Guilds of London’s ‘Certificate in Quality Assurance’, has since been removed from the Curriculum.
While still entering candidates for the ‘Certificate in Quality Assurance’, we had the privilege that the City and Guilds of London Medal for the Best Student was awarded to six of our candidates.
This medal was only awarded if a certain number of candidates wrote the examination internationally. It was an external examination, set and marked by the City and Guilds of London.
At the time, we also prepared candidates for the certification examinations offered by the then ‘ASQC’ (American Society for Quality Control), which since became the ‘ASQ’ (American Society for Quality).
Preparation courses offered for certification by the ASQ, are i.e. Certified Quality Engineer (CQE), Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence (CM) Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE). These certifications have to be recertified every 3 years.
Courses like Certified Quality Inspector (CQI), Certified Quality Technician (CQT), Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB) are some of the certifications for which no recertification is applicable.
Once a candidate achieves his/her Certification with the ASQ, the qualification may be added to e-mails together with the ASQ logo.
The Certification Examinations are computerised multi-choice questions which are conducted at the Prometric Test Centre in Johannesburg. There are various Exam Windows for each Certification which are also made available by the ASQ on their website annually.
We have had the privilege of dealing with the whole spectrum of industries in South Africa and abroad. To this end, we will always offer continuous support to our clients in all quality related matters.
Our mission is to share our knowledge with integrity and honesty, to enable each one of our candidates to reach their full potential in the field of quality, both locally and abroad.



ITQA has provided specially tailored in-house training and awareness courses in quality and related subjects for several companies.  Many of the companies have requested additional courses of a similar nature that address the improvement of understanding and performance at top management, middle management, supervisor, and on the shop floor level.

ITQA has received numerous feedback reports from these companies, indicating definite improvements in quality, and overall levels of performance, with consequent financial benefits for the companies.


ITQA has expanded in the field of consultancy for the requirements according to the ISO 9001:2015 (Base-line auditing, Implementation, Documentation, and training),

ISO 17025:2017 (Base-line auditing, Technical Competency, Streamlining,

Implementation), Statistics, and all other quality related matters.

Consultancy will be quoted on case-by-case requirements and desired outcomes.


ITQA training courses were developed and are upgraded on an on-going basis to train and prepare candidates to sit for the International Certification Examinations during the year with the ASQ (American Society for Quality) as there are no unit standards for quality in South Africa to measure our courses against. Tax Invoices issued by ITQA can be submitted to SARS for a partial Skills Development Levy (SDL) refund, plus 15% VAT.

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